Review of my debut novel, The Author, by book reviewer Cristian Mihai📚😍🎃

The Author goes live on Amazon Thursday, October 25th. In the meantime, I hope you'll read Cristian's review. If you'd also like to write a review, please do let me know! :)By the way, sorry James Cudney for stealing your pic for this featured image ;PHow far would you go to rebuild the life you … Continue reading Review of my debut novel, The Author, by book reviewer Cristian Mihai📚😍🎃


What is Success to you?

"If money is where you find happiness, you'll always be poor." -NF, Remember This Success: 1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors;the accomplishment of one's goals. 2. attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. Everyone seems to be constantly searching for something to make them feel whole; something to give them a sense of achievement and positive progress. I'm not saying it's a bad … Continue reading What is Success to you?

My Novel: Watching Glass Shatter – ON SALE

Preview the first few chapters of James J. Cudney’s novel, Watching Glass Shatter, now on Amazon and Goodreads!

This Is My Truth Now

I am very excited to announce that Watching Glass Shatter is officially available for purchase on Amazon at: It will be available as an electronic read for the next few weeks, followed by physical copies in November. I also have an author page at Amazon that you can follow, and I would love your feedback on the content. I will be sending a small Amazon/Kindle version content update by end of week with a few extra pages / fixes if already purchased it this week.

Please look at both the author page and the book page — every click and purchase counts to help get this book to the top of its categories so other people can view, purchase and read it. If you purchase the book, I’d love a review on both Amazon and Goodreads, as well as your blog and any other platform you are interested…

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Won’t Stop till I’m Phenomenal

"However long that it takes, I'll go to whatever lengths. It's gonna make me a monster though." -Eminem, Phenomenal Hunger. There's a Hunger inside, unable to be fed A Thirst I fear may never be quenched Dreams I seek to make begin I've never ever wanted something so bad Working this 9-5 on a day-to-day grind Only … Continue reading Won’t Stop till I’m Phenomenal

Short Story: Shadow Lake Final Part

Shadow Lake The flashlight slipped from his hand as he hurried to swim back to the top. Swam harder than he ever had. Desperation in every kick and stroke. The tank was shed from his back. He moved faster than he could but feared it wasn’t enough. Every second was his last. He knew he … Continue reading Short Story: Shadow Lake Final Part

Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 4

Shadow Lake “Lany?” The awareness threw him to his feet. Without a second thought, he charged into the water, he swam out to the spot, but the bubbles had stopped. “Lany!” Nathan went under. His open eyes saw only black. With his hands out, he reached and grabbed in every direction but felt nothing. He … Continue reading Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 4

Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 3

Shadow Lake "Madness is somewhere inbetween chaos and having a dream." -R.M. Drake “Lany? We playing hide and seek?” He peered past the trees, and sometimes back at the lake. “Well—if so, then I give up. Okay? Babe, you can come out now…Lany?” Left, right, ahead, behind, he kept turning in search till he was … Continue reading Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 3

Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 2

Shadow Lake The road came to an end where a field opened. Surrounding trees became less suffocating and not far ahead the glistening black of water could be seen. “Do you see that?” Nathan asked, staring ahead. “See—see what?” “The water. I think that’s a lake. Uh-oh, I think someone’s beginning to appreciate my stubbornness … Continue reading Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 2

Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 1

Came across a street sign the other day called Shadow Lake. Sounded pretty cool so I thought I'd try writing a story about the name. Hope you like what I've written so far 🙂 Shadow Lake   On the surface, Nathan looked like calm waters—clean, crisp, gentle—but below the surface, there were monstrous things that … Continue reading Short Story: Shadow Lake Pt. 1